About Us

Marshall Vision, Core Values, and SBCSC Strategic Plan

Marshall's Vision:

Marshall Intermediate Center will be a welcoming and safe community that deeply cares for and accepts all members; we will each strive to do our personal best to make Marshall a high-performing school.

Marshall’s Core Values:

Compassion: A sympathetic consciousness of others' distress.

Perseverance: A continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties or failure.

Responsibility: Something that you should do because it is morally right.

SBCSC Strategic Plan

(Marshall's Vision and Core Values are aligned with the district's strategic plan)

SBCSC Mission: In partnership with students, families and community, SBCSC provides the respect, encouragement and support every student needs to attain the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary success.

Goal 1: Prepare every student for post-secondary success.

Goal 2: Provide effective instructional programming for diverse learners.

Goal 3: Support and develop high quality, high performing staff.

Goal 4: Provide essential, high quality services to support the educational success of students.

Goal 5: Strengthen and enhance productive partnerships with parents and other stakeholders.

Goal 6: Integrate culturally responsive, multicultural, multilingual best practices.

SBCSC Vision: SBCSC will be the community's choice for exceptional education with expert staff and exemplary programs that engage our diverse students in quality learning and equip each one, academically and personally, to thrive in and shape a changing world.